March 2014: iConference, Berlin: presenter, “Cultural Event Information: Early Research Into Measuring Culture on the Ground”

April 2014: Museums and the Web, Baltimore: workshop co-chair, “Assessing Tools and Best Practices for Email Preservation and Access in Art Museums”


Museums and the Web Asia: chair, opening plenary, “Web of Difference: The changing presentation of East and West by museums online” (Hong Kong, 2013); workshop leader, “Digital Publishing” (Hong Kong and Beijing, 2013): presenter, “A Deep Dive into GalleryOne and ArtLens at the Cleveland Museum of Art” (Hong Kong and Beijing, 2013)

Museums and the Web Conference: organizer, “Mapping the Musetech Landscape” (2012); presenter: “Project Audience, An Introduction” (2012); presenter: “Digital Public Library of America, An Introduction” (2012); presenter, “Computational Linguistics in Museums” (2011); mini-workshop presenter, “Steve in Action: Social Tagging
Tools and Methods Applied” (2009); convener of Professional Forum, “On the Horizon” (2008); mini-workshop presenter, “Museum Images Online: Meeting the Needs of Teachers” (2007); mini-workshop presenter, “Steve: An Ongoing Experiment in Social Tagging, Folksonomy, and 
Museums” (2006); convener of Professional Forum, “Cataloguing by a Crowd: A Proposal for a 
Community Cataloguing Tool for Capturing Subject Information” (2005)

WebWise Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital World: facilitator, incubator session (2013); opening conversation, with Howard Besser, “Imagining the Digital Future, A Conversation” (2010)

Museum Computer Network: presenter, “A Roundtable on Best Practices for Email Preservation” (2012); advocate for the defense, “Google on Trial” (2012); presenter, “Reconciling Museum Records Using Freebase” (2011); organizer and moderator, “The Great Debate” (2010, 2011); presenter, “Information Visualization and Museum Practice” (2010); presenter, “Conference Round Up” (2009); panel moderator, “The Horizon Report for Museums: A Roundtable Discussion” (2008); presenter, “Should You Care About Social Tagging? Findings and Recommendations from Steve.Museum” (2008); presenter, “Steve: A Tool for Exploring Folksonomy in the Museum” (2005)

Indianapolis Museum of Art Research Forum: presenter, “The Qualities of Enduring Publications” (2012)

Coalition for Networked Information Winter Meeting: briefing, “Art Images Online: Leveraging Social Tagging and Language for Browsing” (2011)

Digital Art History: Challenges, Tools, Practical Solutions, (Getty Research Institute-University of Malaga Joint Symposium): invited participant and presenter, “Museum Publishing: Forms and Values” (Malaga, Spain, 2011)

Swedish National Heritage Board’s Art Online Seminar: invited presenter, “Over The Rainbow: The Past and Present of Collections Online” (Gävle, Sweden, 2011)

American Association of Museums: presenter, “Museums Go Multilingual” (2011); “Museum Technologies and Trends on the Horizon: A Critical Review” (2009); workshop presenter, “Folksonomy and the Art Museum: Introducing and Proving the Concepts Behind Steve” (2006)

DISH (Digital Strategies for Heritage) Conference: opening keynote, “Overheard at the Museum 2.0: Museums Learn to Listen” (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2009)

International Committee on Documentation of the International Council of Museums (CIDOC/ICOM) Conference: presenter, “Crowdsourcing Babel: Social tagging and multilingual access to collections” (Santiago, Chile, 2009); presenter, “Social tagging of the people, by the people, and for the people” (Gothenburg, Sweden, 2007)

OCLC Digital Forum East: presenter, “Not your typical tagger: Content description by content
producers” (2009)

Balboa Park Symposium on Social Media: presenter, “Museums That Share”(2009)

American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference: panelist, RUSA President’s Program, “Beyond the Book: Trends and Research” (2009)

Digital Humanities: presentation, with Judith Klavans, Jen Golbeck, Dagobert Soergel, and Robert Stein, “Language and Image: Text, Tags, and Trust” (2009)

Art Libraries Society of North America Annual Conference: presenter, “Discovery This Side of the Virtual Wall” (2009)

College Art Association Annual Conference: presenter, “Exploring Social Tagging for Enhanced
 Access to Art Historical Materials (Intellectual Property Committee Session, 2009); session chair,
“The Qualities of Enduring Publications” (2007); workshop co-instructor, “Rights and Permissions
for Image Publication” (2007); Publications Committee Session panelist (2002)

Prix Ars Electronica, Honorable Mention Prize (Digital Communities) for Steve: The Museum Social Tagging Project (2008)

Columbia University Digital Library Seminar Series: presenter, “Steve.Museum: Social Tagging of
 Art Museum Images” (2008)

U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, Connecting to Collections: The National Tour, 
Denver, Collecting in the Digital Age: presenter, “Taking Control of Collections” (2008)

New Media Consortium Summer Conference: presenter, “Horizon.Museum: The Horizon Project Looks at Technology for Museums” (2008)

American Association of Museums Professional Education Webinar: The Digital Museum, Transforming the Future Now, Emerging Trends in

Museum Technology session: presenter, “Open Content” (2008)

NFAIS (National Federation of Advanced Information Services) The Future of Bibliographic
 Information Forum, Philadelphia: speaker, “Steve: Social Tagging and Museum Collections” (2007)

New Media Consortium, Pachyderm Conference: keynote speaker, “What We Talk About
 When We Tag About Art” (2007)

Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage /Netherlands Organisation for Cultural Research Annual Meeting: presenter, “Cataloguing by Crowd? Folksonomies, Taxonomies, and the Social Tagging of Museum Collections” (2007)

Riksförbundet Sveriges Museer (Association of Swedish Museums) Annual Meeting, Stockholm: presenter, “The Visitor’s Voice: Social Tagging and the Museum Collection” (2007)

Research Libraries Group and Society of American Archivists,
Digitization Matters Symposium, Chicago: panelist (2007)

Innovative Ideas Forum, National Library of Australia: keynote speaker, “Hearing the Visitor’s
Voice” (2007)

METRO Copyright Symposium, The Only Certainty is Uncertainty: presenter, “Public Domain: To © or Not to ©” (2007)

National Digital Forum, New Zealand, Annual Meeting: presenter, “By the People: Folksonomy in American Art Museums” (2006)

What to Do with a Million Books; Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science: presenter, “Genre and Formal Structures in Typography: A Framework for Automatic Scholarly Markup of Books from Text Page Images” (2006)

New Media Consortium Online Conference on Digital Media: presenter: Expert Tagging: An Oxymoron?” (2006)

National Museum Publishing Conference: speaker, “Publishing Art In and From Asia” (2006);
speaker, “Strategies for Creating Enduring Publications” (2004); panel organizer/speaker,
“Museums and E-Publishing: How to Prepare for the Future” and “Selling Books Online” (2000)

National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) workshop on digital images: presenter, “Getting It Right: How Can Image Suppliers Determine and Meet the Needs of Colleges
and Universities?” (2006)

Visual Resources Association Annual Conference: presenter, “Mission and Metamorphosis: Introducing the Metropolitan Museum’s Scholars’ License” (2006)

CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies) Annual Meeting: presenter, Cultural Heritage panel (Prague, 2005)

National Information Standards Organization, Initiative on Digital Rights Expression: presenter,
invited workshop on rights expression for scholarly and educational information (2005)

NINCH Copyright Town Meeting, New York, Digital Publishing: A Practical Guide to Rights
Challenges in the Electronic Environment for Artists, Museums, Authors, Publishers, and Readers: presenter, “The State of Play of Publishing Art History and Criticism Online” (2003)

International Association of Museum Publishers, Frankfurt Annual Meeting: panel
moderator/organizer, “Publishing and Re-use: Strategies for Getting the Most from Your Content” (2001); presenter, “The Internet and the Art Book” (1999)

International Conference on Nazi-Era Spoliation, Magdeburg, Germany: presenter, “Provenance
Research, Documentation, and Publication at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York”
(November 2001)


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