I am a researcher and consultant to cultural heritage organizations. I specialize in publishing; information management and collections aggregation; cultural data analysis and visualization, intellectual property policy and open content initiatives; advanced search strategies; and multilingual content development and management. I’ve had the privilege to serve several multi-institutional research and development projects in the museum and library community: I was co-founder and project lead for Steve: The Museum Social Tagging Project and am currently program director for Project Audience, a collaboration of arts and culture professionals and organizations originally funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. I research, write, teach, and lecture regularly on cultural metrics, museum publishing, intellectual property policy, open content initiatives, information management and cataloguing, digitization, search and access, and social software.

In my career as a museum professional, I’ve worked for and with museums of all sizes and sorts, including fifteen years at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where, until 2007, I was General Manager for Collections Information Planning in the Office of the Director and the museum’s first Senior Editor for New Media. I have also worked at the Asia Society, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Alfred A. Knopf.